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The Holistic API Security Solution

Protect your APIs from data leakage, authorization issues, abuse, misuse and data corruption with no agents and no network modifications.

Take Control Over Your Application Chaos

Map Your Applications • Enforce Policies • Reduce Complexity

A 360° view of security risks across clouds, containers, and workloads.

Wiz is the first cloud-native visibility solution for enterprise security teams that dives deep on risks; so they know their cloud just like their devs do.


Making private application access amazingly simple

Securely connecting users to private apps without ever touching the network or the apps themselves, completely avoiding the need for VPNs, agents, or appliances.

A completely new way to securely transfer digital assets

Fireblocks enables the fast and secure transfer of digital assets across exchanges, hot wallets, custodians, OTC desks and counterparties


חברת ביוניק גייסה 13 מיליון דולר לפיתוח שליטה ביישומים ארגוניים

App visibility startup Bionic comes out of stealth with $17 million in funding

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