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Cyberstarts is not a financial vehicle. Nor It is a social club of successful business people. It is a first VC of its kind. The only VC in the world that is mostly financed by entrepreneurs from the domain of focus. It is built, ran and financed by people like you!


Cyberstarts was born out of many many hours of conversations among experienced, successful cybersecurity entrepreneurs focused on identifying the most difficult cybersecurity challenges and solving them, while giving back to a younger generation of entreprenuars.



Cyberstarts’ vision is to become the leading platform for amazing teams of entrepreneurs to solve the next big problems of the cybersecurity world. Cyberstarts leverages the collective experience and networks of the best brains in the cybersecurity world.


Cyberstarts aspires to partner with amazing entrepreneurs solving the most critical pain points in cybersecurity, and help them build the most important cybersecurity companies of the next 10 years.


Gili Raanan

Cyberstarts founder and General Partner

Gili is also a General Partner at Sequoia Capital (Israel) since 2009. Gili started and led two private companies in the enterprise software market till their acquisition by EMC and IBM. Earlier, Gili worked for 10 years at the Israeli Intelligence agency, and for this work, he was awarded the Israel Security Presidential award in 1996 and the Israeli Defense Forces Innovation award in 1992. 


Over the year, Gili’s innovation has been recognized in the 10 United States patents that he holds for various inventions in security and application management fields. Gili is also a recognized inventor of CAPTCHA, one of the world’s most popular security algorithms.

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